Strawberries Hit the Union Square Greenmarket With a Vengeance — but at a Price


The season’s first Jersey strawberries appear, en masse.

The event we’ve all been waiting for has finally occurred — the appearance of enough strawberries in the Union Square Greenmarket to satisfy the demand.

Another of the four stands selling strawberries, this one from Bridgeton, New Jersey.

Sure, there have been dribbles and drabbles during the last two weeks, but the small quantity has sold out before 9 a.m. Now, they shine from every corner of the market, almost painfully red. But the price is an inflated $7 per quart, $4 per pint. Expect that to come down by a dollar or two in the next few weeks. Most of the strawberries come from farms in the southernmost reaches of New Jersey.

Meanwhile, the Tristar strawberries — genetically related to wild strawberries, much smaller and sweeter — should be arriving in two weeks.