The New York (High) Times: Baking and Getting Baked With the Gray Lady


Some people apparently call or have called at one point or another the New York Times‘ Kim Severson something along the lines of ‘Maurice’ given today’s article about the cultures of cooking and marijuana meeting in the middle. Which, unless you’re completely out of touch with much of the universe or one of the thousand orthodontists wives in Connecticut who use the New York Times as an anthropology digest, you likely have some idea about.

But this is the New York Times. So how’d they do? Well, this may actually represent a huge step forward for the rigorously buttoned-upon paper: For one thing, there’s a bong in the photo illustration. They then possibly out a bunch of stoners who work with food, who you may or may not have already presumed to have smoked weed: Anthony Bourdain, Momofuku’s David Chang, the guys who own the Lower East Side/Brooklyn dining outposts that are Frankies Sputino, The Spotted Pig’s Ken Friedman, etc.

All of this can’t go without noting, though, that it all looks like an excuse for the Times to cut loose: sure, it’s fun to watch them talk about a chef who makes food using a gravity bong (which one in San Fransisco apparently does). But again, the kind of food (and people) who’ve been making the kind of food that seems like it’s for stoners that’s possibly made by stoners consumed by people who most definitely are stoners seems strangely passe. Because this has been going on since people were cooking, and with exception to said gravity-bong inspired dish, the “high end” “stoner food” isn’t exactly anything new.

Then again, the New York Times had to expense a bong, something they could likely use these days, given their hard days in the trenches asserting their dick size against the Wall Street Journal, which is busy teaching New York how to swipe a Metrocard. Media bong summit, anyone?