Vegetarian Delights of NYC: Grilled Cheese Panini at Lucy’s Whey


The grilled cheese sandwich is one of the relatively few foods on which vegetarians and carnivores share common ground: unless you’re gluten-intolerant, it’s difficult to dispute the merits of good, hot bread wrapped around fat slabs of melted cheese. And it’s harder still when that grilled cheese comes from Lucy’s Whey, the six-month-old cheese shop in the Chelsea Market. There you’ll find a rotating daily selection of sandwiches, thoughtfully updated on the store’s Twitter page.

Yesterday, we ordered one of the shop’s signature creations, Prairie Breeze and fig spread pressed between two halves of an Amy’s Bread ciabatta. Prairie Breeze is a big, loud, buttery cheddar from the Milton Creamery in southeast Iowa. The sandwich’s fig spread is the perfect counterpoint to the cheese, providing a sweet — but not too sweet — rejoinder to its almost druggy richness. Flattened to toasty perfection by the panini press, cheese and figs meld together in a congress so gooey and orgiastic that it’s almost obscene. Almost obscene, of course, translates to obscenely delicious, and while the $6.53 sandwich may not look particularly decadent, do not be fooled: consumption may induce a temporary fugue state, or at least an uncontrollable urge to go back for seconds, thirds, and fourths.

Lucy’s Whey
Chelsea Market