Weekend House Guest Etiquette Just in Time!


As the summer resort season approaches, Susan Blond has shown up at our video doorstep to weigh in with her “Blond Tips” on how to behave as a guest at someone else’s house.

This is perfect for anyone who would rather stay at someone’s place week after week than plunk down money for their own. In other words, anyone remotely sensible.

But you have to go by the guesting rules.

They include:

*Lay on the compliments, gushily praising your host’s earrings and pool.

*Fix anything around the house that needs fixing–bicycles, relationships, anything.

*And most importantly, when you’re laying on the couch without shoes, don’t pick at your feet! That kind of thing can end a weekend prematurely.

Points taken.

Now I have to get someone to invite me to their summer house so I can start doing all these things!