Cake Balls and Blondies at the Hester Street Fair


Cake balls lend themselves readily to a certain kind of punchline, and also to a collective bottomless hunger for new, winsome, and portable treats. They’ll be front and center at this weekend’s Hester Street Fair, courtesy of Sweet Jewels, a cake ball concern started by Julie Le, the librarian at the Met’s Costume Institute. Her sweet, crunchy balls will be available alongside brownies and blondies from Hot Blondies Bakery. Mama O’s Kimchi will also be in attendance, dishing out kimchi salsa, chili, and kraut, the latter of which will be accompanied by white handmade sausages from the Meat Hook, dubbed Honkys. Between that and the cake balls, expect plenty of snickering hipsters and confused children, or perhaps vice versa.