Gear Up: Friday Is National Bike to Work Day


The signs sometimes do align, as in the case of tomorrow, which is our humble nation’s official Bike to Work Day. It’s been bike month all of May, in fact, but if you’ve been focused on other things — masturbation month, anyone? — well, it’s not too late to get involved.

If you happen to be on Joralemon Street in Brooklyn Heights at 8 a.m., stop by and say hey to Brooklyn Borough Prez Marty Markowitz, who will be handing out free nosh. Breakfast will also be served near Martha Stewart’s offices and in Queens, Staten Island, and other parts of the city.

Free food and the wind through your hair (plus getting to be self-righteously environmental) are not your only motivators to break out the trusty Schwinn, however. Today was the unveiling of the brand-new finished waterfront path on the West Side from 83rd Street to 91st Street, meaning you can now ride (or walk, or run) all the way along the Hudson River Parkway without having to cut through Riverside Park. Sweet.

Making things even sweeter? The forecast for tomorrow is in the 70s and sunny. Plus, it’s Friday. Although we do not recommend biking while intoxicated. Seriously. Also not recommended? Spandex in the office.