Greenwich Village Still the Place to Get Inked Up Without Mom’s Permission


Every summer, thousands of kids descend on New York in pre-college summer programs, and that’s besides the scores of teenagers already living here who aren’t “of age.” They come wanting to drink underage, smoke underage, and do other things against the law for them even though they’re old enough to fight for this country! Regardless, one of those things is getting tattooed or pierced. And a “real” piece of Old New York is still very real:

The ability to get tatted up without mom’s permission, in the West Village. Via the New York Post, like so:

Jason, 17, came home with the word “Carpe” inked on the inside of one wrist and “Diem” on the other, Latin for “seize the day.” State law bars tattoo artists from permanently inking anyone under 18.

Couillard filed her lawsuit in Queens Supreme Court Monday against Village Pop Tattoo and Body Piercing and an artist named Julie, who according to the suit inked the tattoos.

Rad, right? Kids, now you know. Apparently, his lawyer knows “for a fact” that the kid wasn’t asked to come up with any ID, and also the dumbass at the tattoo shop doesn’t exactly seem to understand what kind of lawyer-up trouble he’s in, either:

The manager of Village Pop, who identified himself only as Ali, said the records on Jason have since vanished. “I didn’t know I was supposed to keep them,” he said.

Hysterical, except for the part when he’s likely to lose his business. One question the post didn’t bother to ask, though: Why is this suit just getting filed now when …

Mary Couillard, of Rockaway Park, flipped out last August when her son Jason, 17, came home

It takes a year for you to get pissed off enough to file a lawsuit? Whatever. New York’s Kids of Summer: Go at it, and get inked. What’s the worst that could happen? Your parents get a lawsuit out of it, and you end up looking like a hard-ass.