Reality Show About Awesome Cops, The First 48, Catches Cops’ Negligence Killing Seven-Year-Old Detroit Girl


Ever hear about this show The First 48? It’s on A&E, and the premise of the show is that the first 48 hours of a crime are of the utmost importance to solving the case, after which it becomes impossible, or something. It’s pretty compelling television! But like all TV shows involving police — like Cops, for example — it may very well exacerbate some of their more flamboyant behavior on the job because cameras are there. Which might explain why a seven-year-old girl died during a raid that was filmed by the show’s cameras.

Via WRAL news:

Geoffrey Fieger, an attorney for the family of young Aiyana Jones, said he has seen three or four minutes of video of the raid, although he declined to say whether it was shot by the crew for the A&E series “The First 48,” which has been shadowing Detroit homicide detectives for months.

Police have said officers threw a flash grenade through the first-floor window of the two-family home, and that an officer’s gun discharged, killing the girl, during a struggle or after colliding with the girl’s grandmother inside the home. But Fieger said the video shows an officer lobbing the grenade and then shooting into the home from the porch. “There is no question about what happened because it’s in the videotape,” Fieger said. “It’s not an accident. It’s not a mistake. There was no altercation.”

A&E spokesman Dan Silberman said neither he nor anyone else from the network would comment about the case, and he denied a request by The Associated Press for the footage.

But why would the attorney decline to say whether it was or wasn’t the show’s cameras? And why would A&E not comment about the case nor release footage? Likely because they’re trying to keep their name out of this and complying with a criminal investigation on every front to do so. But if they were in fact A&E cameras, it could be reasonably argued that those cameras were the cause for the cops acting in the manner they did. Or as one lawyer put it:

Attorney Marvin Barnett was more blunt: “I’ve never heard that before in my entire career, that you’ve thrown a flash bomb in a house unless you’ve got an armed suspect and you know there is nobody else in the house.”

“Bad boys, bad boys” indeed. TV is bad for you? No. TV will make cops kill your children.