Scenes from the Anthology Film Archives 40th Anniversary: Sonic Youth, Julian Schnabel, Kenneth Anger, and Some Guy Named Lou


The Anthology Film Archives celebrated its 40th anniversary last night at the Hiro Ballroom. The scene was, by all accounts, an intimately swanky affair–reserved tables started at $500; mezzanine tickets cost $99 a piece. The steep entry fee was not only a gesture of support for the New York institution, but payment to witness a bill stocked with formative downtown-art figures. The Virgins opened, Sonic Youth appeared to make guitar-feedback noodle-pie, Philip Seymour Hoffman spoke, Julian Schnabel ascended the stage to yell at people talking. (“That was pretty amazing,” our photographer Igor reports.) Avant-garde grandpa Jonas Mekas presented underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger with a lifetime achievement award; for the occasion, Anger pulled his band Technicolor Skull out of mothballs for “a rare performance.” Also, there was this guy named Lou who wouldn’t let anyone take pictures. We happened upon one anyway. Full Anthology Film Archives 40th Anniversary gallery here; highlights below.