Will & Jada Cause Pandemonium at Fences


The Broadway revival of Fences is star-studded enough, thank you, due to performances by Denzel Washington and Viola Davis.

But last night, the celeb wattage increased significantly when Will and Jada Smith walked into the audience.

According to a regular on a Broadway board, the audience went wild on spotting Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Said the poster, “In 20 years of attending New York theater, I’ve literally never seen anything as horrific as the audience reaction to Will and Jada’s entrance.

“Hundreds of cameras flashing, screaming, people hanging over the mezzanine ledge, etc.

To quote Mama Morton: Whatever happened to class?”

Oh, please. I’m glad theatergoers dropped their jaundiced pose for a few minutes.

Besides, they were also kvelling over the fact that Aretha Franklin, Lenny Kravitz, and Matthew Morrison were there too.

Meanwhile, I was at the opening of the off-Broadway play Restoration and saw Matthew Broderick and Rachel Dratch!

That’s not chopped liver either.