American Gangster Inspiration Frank Lucas Still Keeping It Gangster: Wife Arrested With Four Pounds of Yayo


I have this theory about movies with plots that involve serious drug trouble: the second a woman causes trouble, everything goes to shit. This isn’t to say that’s how it actually is in real life — I wouldn’t know — but if you watch Blow, Scarface, Goodfellas, or even Pulp Fiction, you’ll start to see a little bit of a pattern. American Gangster, the Ridley Scott-directed movie about Harlem heroin kingpin Frank Lucas, was kind of a story that worked as an exception to said theory.

Until now.

Frank Lucas — who went to jail in 1975 for five years and again in 1984 for seven years — has managed to mostly keep out of trouble since that last stint. His 70-year-old wife, Julianna Farrait, however? Not so much. She was arrested trying to unload four pounds of blow on a federal agent. Via the Associated Press:

In a recorded conversation on May 11, Farrait allegedly told an informant she had two kilograms (4 pounds) of cocaine in Puerto Rico and that another suspect had an additional eight kilograms (18 pounds) for buyers, according to the complaint.

On May 19, Farrait allegedly met with an informant at a hotel room in the Isla Verde and unveiled the drugs. Agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration then entered the room and arrested her, the complaint stated.

Federal agents in New York had been following Farrait since February 2009 with help from an informant, according to the complaint.

Eegh. The feds were on your ass for over a year and you had no idea? Ouch. No good. Didn’t you learn anything from Frank? Either way, lesson learned (again): It’s not a sexist thing! But the next time I’m involved in a large-scale drug deal (NOT THAT I EVER HAVE BEEN OR WILL BE), I’m sticking to my principles, and keeping the ladies out of things. You know? You know. Sometimes, you just need to see proof positive right in front of your eyes.