CNN Attempts to Eat New York Post’s Website, Basically Does


Wow. Talk about an ad buy. CNN has appeared to have swallowed the New York Post whole.

The last time one news outlet bought out another so blatantly — especially one whose views it might stand in opposition to — was when The New York Times took over NYC metro news blog Gothamist a month after Gothamist founder Jake Dobkin bashed the paper. The New York Post has done its fair share of reporting on CNN — some of it surely appearing in its gossip sheet, Page Six — which is besides the fact that the Post has a decidedly conservative slant (as opposed to CNN, which is often viewed as having a liberal news bias). If anything, CNN can now ensure the perception of having a whimsical if not domineering ad buyer on staff:

If you could put any words in CNN’s mouth right now, you likely couldn’t, because it’s full of New York Post. Then again, “NOM NOM NOM” works, too.