Food Safety Attorney Gives Attorney-Style Interview About Restaurant Letter Grading


Attorneys may know a few things about the law, but Gothamist‘s interview today with food safety attorney Sarah Klein suggests they could stand to learn a bit more about how to converse like actual human beings.

Gothamist speaks with Klein about restaurant letter grading, and though it can be a bit difficult to penetrate the lawyer speak, Klein does have some interesting things to say. On the topic of why letter grading won’t extend to school cafeterias: “Letter grading is less suited to school cafeterias — in part because students have no other choice.” And the issue of health inspector bribery? “[T]he specter of bribery is a red herring. What’s really at issue here is restaurants wanting to keep their bad inspections a secret, and the health department wanting to give consumers more information.”

Also, anyone who’s wondered at the choice of letter-grade colors can now give their curiosity a rest: “Well, restaurateurs wouldn’t like a green (GO!) ‘A’, a yellow (CAUTION!) ‘B’, and a red (STOP!) ‘C’, would they?”