It Is Still Apparently Hard Out There for a Pimp, At Least in New Jersey


Not sure where Society Hill, New Jersey, is? Neither are we! That said, one can’t be faulted for possibly assuming famed Manhattanites like Tinsley Mortimer and creatures of her stripe hail from there. That is apparently not the case.

Via The Jersey Journal, an illuminating court report shows us how this is so! Meet Prince the Pimp, who is going to jail for a long time, and is not happy about it.

Allen E. Brown … aka Prince, was shocked at the length of the sentence. “18 years?” Brown blurted out in court when [Judge Kevin Callahan] announced the sentence.

“This will take you to your 60th birthday until you see the light of day” said Callahan. “The facts of this case are horrendous. They are vast.”

When Brown first walked into the courtroom he said to his lawyer, Adam Reisman, “I’m tired of your bulls—.” His hair was styled exquisitely, with wavy strands curled on his forehead and a long thin ponytail hanging over his shoulders.

Man, everyone is probably tired of that lawyer’s “bulls—,” must be hard to have that job, am I right? When your client, a pimp, says he’s tired of your bullshit, and you’re his lawyer? Eegh. That said, Prince’s standard operating procedure doesn’t exactly fare well for society, at least in the Jeremy Bentham-school-of-utilitarianism sense:

At the plea hearing Brown, who admitted he ran a human trafficking and prostitution ring, was told he faced from 12 to 20 years in prison. Authorities say he enslaved women and girls, some as young at 17, and forced them to turn tricks on the streets. He even turned some into drug addicts, authorities say. Authorities say the woman were forced to earn $500 on weeknights and $1,000 on weekend nights, or else they were denied entry back into the house, were denied drugs or were beaten.

And here you thought the biggest “society” pimps worked for Guest of a Guest! Har har, it’s funny because they write about socialites and keep a news cycle about socialites moving forward. Anyway, a victory for pimp-haters and people being pimped everywhere today now that Prince has put his crown down (into a box he’ll receive in 15 years).