Kid-Unfriendly Restos; Spray Vodka Taste Test




This week in food blogs:

Eater rounded up 12 restaurants you shouldn’t bring your kids to, including Shake Shack, where there are enough screaming kids who can’t appreciate a good burger anyway.

Grub Street heard that Soho fave Café Select just may be getting outdoor seating soon — if it can get SLA approval, that is.

Feast taste-tested spray vodka … all around town, in fact.

Serious Eats discovered a new way to cook pasta — and served the doorman the results.

Midtown Lunch found out that despite the Street Vendor Project’s initiative to outfit food trucks with credit card machines, few vendors are likely to accept plastic.

The Atlantic Food Channel published a slow-drink manifesto that calls for a more relaxed pace on both sides of the bar to justify that $16 cocktail.