Morning Links: Wall Street Reform Bill Passes, Dennis Blair Resigns, No Jail for Lindsay Lohan


• As President Obama spoke to the press about the Senate’s passing of his 1,500-page Wall Street overhaul bill yesterday, a rodent ran right in front of him. To his credit, he did not scream. The bill would create a consumer protection agency, strengthen oversight of derivative trading, and ban proprietary trading at banks. Legislation will now be negotiated with the House.

• It’s shaping up to be another nervous day on Wall Street.

• Dennis Blair, U.S. intelligence director, announced yesterday that he’ll be stepping down, per President Obama’s request.

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyers have paid $100,000 bail to keep her out of jail, even while she remains in France. A warrant had been issued for her arrest yesterday after she failed to show up for a missed court hearing (her excuse: she lost her passport).

• Jim Joe tags Shepard Fairey’s mural on Houston, sort of.

• Here’s another video of the BP oil leak. It may be 19 times greater than originally thought.

Fish are afraid of their reflections, which somehow means fish are like humans. Scientists!

• It’s sunny and in the 80s today for National Bike to Work Day.

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