New York City: Your Water Just Got More 12.9 Percent More Expensive


Thirsty, New York City? Why wait? Well, now you have a reason. The water coming out of your tap just got a little bit more expensive.

There was a vote to hike the price, and naturally, the price hike was voted upon in the affirmative. Via a press release issued by NYC Department of Environmental Protection commissioner Cas Holloway:

The Fiscal Year 2011 water rate adopted today includes the following components:

– A 12.9% increase to the water rate.
– A 2% discount for customers who sign up for direct debit payments.
– An increased service termination fee from $500 to $1,000.
– A Stormwater Pilot Program for certain stand-alone parking lots.

Naturally, unless you’re an owner, your landlords are going to really be the ones hit with this, but if you live in a building where your landlords pass the bill on to you, that’s going to be about, according to NY1, for single-family homes, an uptick of anywhere from $85 to $93 a year on water bills, which amounts to $8 or $9 extra a month. Still, you might want to think twice before keeping the water running when you brush your teeth/do dishes/keep water running while you pee because you’re the kind of person who needs running water to pee.