Posts of the Week


It’s Friday afternoon, and thus time to look back at the best posts of the week:

We ranked Our 10 Best Red Hook Restaurants.

Clover Club’s Franky Marshall talked about holy bars, clean glasses, and the perils of being a hot female bartender.

Here are 14 foods that haven’t yet been invented.

Ask the Critics: Mom’s in town.

Huckleberry Bar’s Slow Death in the Afternoon is a sweet way to go.

Here’s the Early Word on Five & Diamond‘s bar food.

Make Marc Murphy’s curry chicken sandwich.

Battle of the Dishes waged a tie-dyed burger death match between Dickson Farmstand Meats and the Meat Hook.

With Goods, 3rd Ward is bringing trailer-park dining to Williamsburg.

Fornino’s Michael Ayoub talked pizza, grilled pizza, and children’s menus.

The grilled cheese panini at Lucy’s Whey is one of the Vegetarian Delights of NYC.

Strawberries have hit Union Square with a vengeance — but at a price.

Fat Pants Fridays: Boomtown Bakery’s mint Oreo cookie.

Taste of Williamsburg drew a crowd. Here are photos.