So It’s Come to This: Tavern on the Green Will Become … a Snack Bar


After the auction, the lengthy court battle, the endless union negotiations, and one big, fat, never-ending headache, it’s come to this: Tavern on the Green will become … a snack bar.

Following a breakdown in negotiations between Dean Poll, the Tavern’s would-be operator, and the union representing the restaurant’s 400 workers, Mayor Bloomberg has issued a statement saying that the city will spend the next several months soliciting new proposals from anyone who has the cash and cojones to try to open something else, and that during that time, the restaurant will be used as a “venue and snack bar … and also a retail shop.”

As the Times reports, one Donald J. Trump may be interested in taking over the space: he said in an interview that “if I could help the city and the city wanted me to get involved, I could be open. … It really is a special place. Only a person with a lot of money can rebuild and resurrect Tavern. And I have a lot of money.”

And if Trump — or any other number of filthy-rich business types who illustrate the disjunction between money and class — fails to step up to the plate, then Tavern will continue to peddle snacks. Sometimes, the world doesn’t end with a bang, but a whimper.