The Dalai Lama Is Super Deep, but Not So Good at the Twitter Yet


Wow, the Dalai Lama is complex! At a news conference yesterday he denounced capitalism as a shallow system whose main goal is profit-making and said he was a “Marxist in spirit.” But when dogged hypocrisy-seeking reporters asked what he thought about the fact that tickets to his teaching sessions at Radio City Music Hall (where the Rockettes dance!) can go for nearly $700, he said: “This is up to organizer. I have no connection,” and concluded with a rousing “I love New York!” leaving us to wonder with existential fervor: Should such a man be charging anything at all for his knowledge? And does he really love New York, or was he just saying that? Don’t tease us, sir.

Today he held a one-hour Twitter Q&A responding to questions submitted by Chinese Web users. And, um, frankly, our Dalai is not so skilled at the tweeting yet, which is understandable considering he just started in late February and there was that whole hack nightmare that’s probably fouled him up a bit. Plus, even Michelle Obama had a hard time at first!

Here are a few excerpts, as tweeted by Chinese writer Wang Lixiong (@wlixiong), who met with the Dalai Lama in a New York hotel room for the Twitter session.

OK, Mr. Lama … a few words of advice. Try to throw in a joke now and again. Don’t be so one-track-minded; it gets old. You have to retweet others as well as just spouting off on your own all the time. Your hash tags could be a little clearer. And it’s always best to keep things to discrete 140-character increments for comprehension’s sake. On the other hand, maybe you just need to fire your translator.