This Weekend, the Top Chef Tour Makes a New York Pit Stop


Because the publicity machine is the only thing hungrier than a pack of hairy ranchers, the folks behind Top Chef have taken a cue from Antiques Roadshow and hit the highway. For the second year running, they’re touring the country in a big orange truck, stopping here and there to cook things and play games. How is this pertinent to your life? It’s not, really, but if you should have any desire to see former contestants perform cook for a crowd in Lower Manhattan, then this is the weekend to do it: on Saturday and Sunday, season six’s Ash and season four’s Nikki — both hometown chefs — will be on hand in Gansevoort Plaza to feed and entertain the people. Consider it an amuse-bouche to prime your palate for the premiere of season seven, which is a mere three weeks away.

[Via Grub Street]