Watch Hipsters Exert Themselves!


Tomorrow at McCarren Park in Brooklyn the second annual Punk Rope Games will ensue. They start at 10:15 a.m. (does anyone actually get up and into their skinny jeans/shorts with knee socks that early?) with a “procession of nations.” The actual games — throwing around rubber chickens and styrofoam noodle javelins, a knitting circle, and, of course, jumping rope in all kinds of insanely fancy yet casually disaffected ways — follow at 10:30.

Winners get the highly sought-after punk rope cup and all sorts of street cred.

It’s free to spectate, and if you want to join in it will cost you $40 for a team of four. After the games, participants will retire and indulge in regular or veggie dogs and beef at the Gibson on Bedford Avenue.

The jump-roping itself, you have to admit, is pretty freaking impressive. That is some serious calorie-burn.

As for holding a ball between our foreheads, we do that just about every day down at the old HQ.