Your New Favorite Non-Bro Meme: Nimoy Sunset Pie


A few weeks ago, we destroyed a decent portion of your remaining meme-absorbed brain cells with the glorious photo mash-up “BubleRaptor.” Unfortunately, the pop star-stalking dino never made it into New York magazine’s subsequent approval matrix as predicted — clearly just bumped by Joe Biden’s “big fucking deal.” But fortunately, we do have an answer to the question, What will those crazy Photoshopping people think of next?

From the brilliant minds that brought us “Selleck Waterfall Sandwich” comes the possibly more dimwitted (read: amazing) “Nimoy Sunset Pie,” featuring Spock, a romantic sunset, and a delectable-looking dessert, arranged in various forms for maximum hilarity.

Like its memebling brethren, the phenomenon is completely reliant on some sometimes brilliant, but mostly questionable Photoshopping skills, and enlightening captions like “Vulcanologists have long debated the meaning of the familiar Vulcan salute. In the classic interpretation the salute represents the pie wedge, the traditional Vulcan symbol of prosperity.” What will those crazy Photoshopping people thing of next?! Oops.