A Look at the Latest Beer Gardens; Oil Spill Threatens Seafood Industry


The Tribeca Grand’s Church Lounge attracts an A-list crowd of bar, restaurant, and club owners; doormen; DJs; and promoters every Sunday for brunch.
[NY Post]

As Astoria’s Bohemian Hall celebrates its 100th anniversary, a look at the city’s newest beer gardens, including Mission Dolores in Park Slope and the Standard Biergarten in the meatpacking district.
[NY Daily News]

A gluten-free diet may be dangerous for those who don’t have celiac disease. Experts say cutting out wheat, rye, and barley may cause weight gain and lower energy.
[NY Daily News]

As Louisiana shrimpers start to see the sheen of oil appear on their waters following the recent oil spill, some are having a hard time giving up their work.
[Wall Street Journal]

Meanwhile, New York is starting to feel the sting of the spill as restaurants are seeing increased prices for shrimp, oysters, and clams.

L.A.-based Mobi Munch will offer turnkey solutions for mobile food trucks, including finding and equipping trucks, branding, linking chefs with suppliers, and franchising.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

PETA has been buying shares for seven years in companies like McDonald’s and Kraft Foods in the hopes of having a say in the boardroom.