Cuomo the Uomo


With the official launch of Cuomo II this weekend, a ton of long pent-up analysis is bursting to the surface. As long as Attorney General Andrew Cuomo refused to say out loud that he was actually running for governor, it was a little hard to handicap his inevitable gubernatorial bid. But now, the yearlong hedging is finally over and we can get down to the people’s business: handicapping his style as candidate. Already there is naming Cuomo’s Team; waging odds on a Cuomo-Shelly Silver war; and taking shots at his basketball playing.

But the most interesting analysis is the Daily Newstake on his macho campaign logo. It’s a large crescent-shaped “C” surrounding an outline of the Empire State. “The problem is,” writes the News‘ Helen Kennedy, “the C is rendered so abstractly that it looks like the candidate’s name might be UOMO — Italian for ‘man.'”

The News reached out to a Scottish graphic design blogger named David Airey who has never heard of Cuomo and asked him what he thought. “The biggest issue is legibility. Anyone unfamiliar with the name will read UOMO, not CUOMO,” the Scot told the News.

And given the state’s large population of voters with Italian heritage, maybe that’s something Team Cuomo doesn’t mind one little bit.