Digital Yankee Pankee Outlawed: No iPads at Yankee Stadium


As if it weren’t enough for them to tell you when to stand, when to sit, and how much they’re going to extort you for the privilege of watching a World Series team phone it in on important rivalry series’, the Yankees management is now telling you which telecommunications devices you can (or can not) bring in to Yankee Stadium. And on that list, reports Maura Johnston of The Awl, is now Apple’s iPad. The reason? Via Yahoo! Sports:

All iPads fall under the “no laptops” rule in its existing security policy and are not allowed at Yankee Stadium.

That, of course, seems absurd. The TSA doesn’t require travelers to remove iPads from their screened baggage and the device is basically just a larger version of the smartphones people carry in by the thousands. Plus, it’s also quite an inconvenience for fans who might just want to use the iPad for their train travels to and from the park. But even as someone who loves his iPad — the MLB app is awesome — I’m not sure why anyone would want to use it at a baseball game or get upset when told they can’t.

Clearly, the writer of this has never taken the train at 6:30 to the Bronx to see a Yanks game. Or is a Yankees fan right now and had to watch Matsui get away from the Yankees during the off-season. We’re more than happy to go to these games, but watching them is another thing entirely. Don’t be surprised when books, earplugs, and the New York Times starts getting booted, too. Anything to keep the talent happy and feeling appreciated, or something like it.