Happy Birthday, Brooklyn Bridge … You Old Thing, You!


Today marks the 127th anniversary of the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge. At the time of its completion in 1883, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world — 50 percent longer than any previously built. It’s since been trod upon by horses and buggies, trolleys, cars, people, and innumerable bicycles. It’s been hailed as a symbol of technology and optimism. We have to say, we rather like it.

Ever-so-monumentally, in Sex and the City the Movie, the structure marked the spot of the joyous yet tearful reunion of obviously meant-to-be couple Miranda and Steve — proving that great architecture is the backbone to any ridiculous romantic sub-plot.

(The first Brooklyn Bridge jumper, by the way, was Robert E. Odlum on May 19, 1885 — proving that there are no new ideas, only derivations on the old, and that jumping from the Brooklyn Bridge will kill you.)

Editor’s suggestion: When reconciling after a breakup, don’t pick the Brooklyn Bridge. You’ll only annoy those who are using it to actually get to work. Also, don’t jump when reconciliation goes awry, for same reasons.