Pretty Things: Shiny New Bloomberg Redesign is Shiny, Less Imperial


Today, in pretty things, the big, scary news monolith owned by and named after New York City’s favorite most current three-term mayor appears to be getting a full makeover! And here we just thought they’d stop after the “literally awesome” offices or the recently unveiled Bloomberg BusinessWeek, which is the slightly dumbed-down (but prettier!) version of BusinessWeek. Oh no. They’re giving the rest of the whip a new candy-coat paint job.

From the Darth Vader-y black rock sheen of white headlines and numbers on black, to reflect the workplaces and semi-ruined souls of those who have had to stare at it all these years…

To the dentists-office-white, pretty, friendly, colorful version with three clocks on it!

You can check out the entire preview for the site here; it actually does feel like a vast improvement over the old redesign, and it certainly trends in the direction that Bloomberg’s been moving, which is as an operation and brand name accessible and more friendly to those who don’t work in finance. Whether or not it’s going to come at the cost of their core business right now (or whether they’re willing to sacrifice that) is all up in the air, but assuming Bloomberg’s readers don’t take offense to friendly-looking things like this (and analog clocks?) it should be fine for now.