Rockaway Taco Reopening, Snack Dragon Taco Expanding


Here’s some good news if you a) are going to be around for Memorial Day Weekend and b) like to eat tacos:

New York magazine reports that Rockaway Taco will reopen on May 28. This summer, Andrew Field’s taco shack will be joined by some new neighbors, including an Italian ice stand and a produce market.

Over in Manhattan, Bowery Boogie has learned that Snack Dragon Taco, a diminutive and popular taco shack on East 3rd Street, will be opening a second location at 164 Orchard Street, right below Stanton Street. As BB notes, Snack Dragon will be wading into already heavily trafficked waters, what with Los Feliz, San Loco, El Sombrero, and El Nuevo Amanecer within spitting distance. Snack Dragon plans to throw down the gauntlet in early June, when the restaurant is scheduled to open.