‘Screw Hipster Brooklyn’ Season in Full Effect for MTA: L-Train Service Cuts


Well, now you have an excuse for not going to Brooklyn that’s better than the old “I didn’t get my visa in order” some crafty Manhattanites have been using for far too long, now. Even though, really, you should have visas ready, lest you run into any of our own tight-jeaned frogs on the way in the Borough of Kings.

Via Brooklyn 365, the L-Train’s going out at Lorimer at 11:30 tonight and switching over to that God. Damned. Shuttle bus service. If you live off the Graham or the Grand stops, you’re in luck, and can possibly hoof it. Any further? Sucks to be you:

…Starting at 11:30 pm this evening, the L-train will not be traveling past the Lorimer stop on weekday nights from now until the end of June. The much beloved bus service will be replacing the train from Lorimer to the Myrtle-Wyckoff station. These weekday cuts extend from 11:30 pm until 5am.

And everyone knows how terrible those shuttle buses indeed are after an L-Train buildup piles out from the Lorimer station into those sad little above-ground people-transporters. Oh, and if you live off the G, just, like, forget about it. Get some nice walking shoes, or a magic carpet, or a car. Or a real estate agent.