Today in Missed Connections: “You Asked Me to Dance at the LCD Soundsystem Show”


And the award for person we most want to help find love in the world this morning goes to this plaintive Craigslist poster, whose experience at last night’s LCD show at Terminal 5 was every bit as romantic and confused as our own. Let’s find this guy, world:

You asked me to dance at the LCD Soundsystem show – w4m – 19 (Midtown West)

Wearing a red plaid shirt, with reddish hair. I was sitting on the floor cause I was tired of standing and you said “I wish you weren’t tired, cause I’d dance with you.”

Later on, during “New York, I Love You, but You’re Bringing Me Down”, you pointed to me and asked me to come dance with you. I acted all shy, but I really did want to dance with you. I hope you didn’t think I wasn’t interested. I think you’re cute and sweet.

Because there is nothing sweeter in the world than confidently pointing at a woman sitting on the ground during the climax of an LCD Soundsystem show and asking her to come dance with you. We should all be so lucky. There’s also a more tragic one up:

lcd 5/20 you were on your “3rd” date – w4m

we talked for awhile, you were waiting for your date to show…three hours late. if that doesn’t pan out maybe we could meet up one day.

If that first one is all Sound of Silver, this one is definitely more This Is Happening — heartbroken, uncertain, dejected, but somehow still trying. For this condition, we prescribe “I Can Change,” on repeat, forever. Certainly works for us.