Video: Alabama Tea-Partying Congressional Candidate Les Phillip Mistakes Being Black for Exemption From Racism, General Assholery


Even though it might be only 817 miles from our building to Athens, Alabama, in the heart of the 5th Congressional District, that doesn’t mean we can’t feel the impact of what kind of ridiculous, race-baiting assholery is going on down there. Specifically with regards to congressional hopeful Les Phillip’s election bid, in which he notes that they’re not going to call him a racist! Maybe this has something to do with him being black?

The implication, of course, is that people who are critical of Obama are generally labeled as racists (unless they’re black). That’s an insult to those doing the racist-labeling, like me, who would note that noting people who aren’t black who are critical of Obama to even be presumed racists is, in a very roundabout (but still very real) way, racist. Also, as pointed out by The Washington Post‘s David Weigel, using pictures of pastor Jeremiah Wright (who Obama’s long since distanced himself from) and Bill Ayers (who distanced himself from Obama, which was aside from the plenty of reputable news organizations that understood there was/is no serious connection between our president and Bill Ayers) — and even photos that have just been completely forged! — speaks for Phillip’s general obliviousness to his own assholery. This is a Typical American Politician: plenty of straw men and red herrings, no real substance, isn’t afraid to take the truth down with him if it means winning.

And if that’s not enough to concern you, his supporters think President Barack Obama should be “tried & executed as traitor.” Right. Charming.