A-Rod’s Winning New Strategy: Collect on Your Debtors, the Texas Rangers


How’s A-Rod doing this season? Well, you know, he’s batting .291, having produced 29 runs and 48 hits out of 165 at-bats. Could be worse, but as they say: “It’s early.” Even better, however, is the other strategy he’s employing against rival teams (and we’re not talking about his fielding abilities).

See, A-Rod is a creditor of the Texas Rangers, who are $575 million in the hole. Maybe this has something to do with former president George W. Bush having once been an owner! Or maybe not. Whatever happened, they owe people a lot of money. One of those people is their former player, Alex Rodriguez, who via Bloomberg News, they still owe money to:

Alex Rodriguez, now the third baseman for the New York Yankees, was listed as the team’s top unsecured creditor. He is still owed about $24.9 million in deferred compensation from his earlier Rangers contract, according to court documents.

This is a start. Once this thing gets to the level where A-Rod can go get a contract with the Boston Rex Sox for seven seasons, play terribly, and get them to release him, collecting ten or eleven years later, that’s when we’ll know this is a failsafe thing. Until then, however, this works. At the very least, to amusing effect.