Burger King Fire-Grilled Ribs Debut in NYC — Not Bad!


Six to a box, these tiny babies will set you back about a dollar per rib.

Last week, Chantal Martineau announced the advent of another new and slightly upscale foodstuff at Burger King — a barbecued rib entrée, priced as high as $8.99, and debuting in Chicago and Washington. Well, New York has them, too.

They come in a number of configurations, of which I ordered the six ribs without any accompaniments, since I don’t need to test the beverages or the fries. I know what they taste like already.

The ribs were another matter. As a barbecue aficionado, I feel compelled to check out anything called “barbecue,” and certify whether it is or isn’t. Surprisingly, the “BK Fire-Grilled Ribs” qualify as barbecue. Not great barbecue, or even good barbecue, but decent barbecue, and if I were stranded somewhere in Asia, and needed some barbecue, I might just get the ribs.

First off, they aren’t really ribs. They’re the tips of pork spare ribs, and not the meaty end, either. Why these rib ends were cut off or by whom, and what happened to the rest of the rib meat, I have no idea.

Beware! This rib is shown twice life size!

The ribs are mildly smoky, and, thankfully, the sauce comes on the side. There is some sticky glaze on them, and a good amount of fat, but neither detracts from the fibrous and meaty quality, and the ribs seem to have been finished on some sort of grill that left black stripes.

The cost is another thing, though. At $5.69 (plus tax) for six riblets, making about two ribs meat-wise, I could have gotten just as good a deal at a regular barbecue.