‘Fixed & Dance.Here.Too Present Ellen Allien’


That disorientation you feel upon hearing “Flashy Flashy,” Ellen Allien’s creepy-crawly-cool new single? That’s the way all of Dust feels. Don’t adjust the vertical hold: Allien, Bpitch Control controller and Berlin techno vet, has been shuttling confidently between relative light (Orchestra of Bubbles, the 2006 split with Apparat) and consuming, sewer-drip tech weirdness (2008’s Sool) for a decade. Her new material is another neon feather in her cap; stylish like something not quite understood, a good bet for this gig would be to wear that jumpsuit you just fashioned in the basement. With Fixed operatives JDH and Dave P.

Sat., May 29, 10 p.m., 2010