Hot Dogs as Choking Hazards; Children’s Menus as ‘the Death of Civilization’


As more states propose taxes on sugary sodas, soda makers and sellers are stepping up goodwill efforts, such as huge donations to health and recreation programs.
[Wall Street Journal]

William Herz has spent the last 77 of his 93 years eating about twice a week at Sardi’s, which he discovered as a theater student.
[NY Times]

Access to healthy food is not just an issue of geography. A report found that most people shop outside their immediate area — poor people for price and rich people for quality.
[Wall Street Journal]

The American Academy of Pediatrics is pushing for foods known to be choking hazards, such as hot dogs and popcorn, to be labeled like toys are.
[NY Times]

Nestlé wants to tap 100 million gallons of water annually from a new spring. To appease environmentalists, it’s trying to prove that local fish species can survive in well water.
[Wall Street Journal]

Are children’s menus “the death of civilization”? I Trulli‘s Nicola Marzovilla likes to host kids, but believes parents should make more of an effort to introduce kids to new foods.
[NY Times]

BPAs and phthalates, used to make plastics more pliable, have been found to cause birth defects and disease in animal studies, but effects on humans are unclear.
[New Yorker]

Restaurants that hire staff based on hotness, such as Pulino’s and Coffee Shop, must be prepared for employees to walk out on a moment’s notice for castings and modeling jobs.