Sprinkles ‘Does Plan to Keep’ Gino’s Zebra Wallpaper


Yesterday, we learned that after Gino closes, its former home will be taken over by Sprinkles, the L.A. cupcake juggernaut. We surmised that this development spelled certain doom for Gino’s famous zebra wallpaper, as it doesn’t exactly mesh with Sprinkles’ modernist, minimalist aesthetic.

But after receiving a release that stated that the cupcake commissary will “incorporate Sprinkles’ modern design elements while maintaining an historic Manhattan feel” when it opens next January, we asked what this meant for the wallpaper.

Sprinkles’ rep replied that “Sprinkles does plan to keep the zebra wallpaper in some form and certainly pay homage to Gino.” What that means exactly is unclear, but it’s encouraging news nonetheless. And in these days of Sex and the City 2-themed cupcakes, you take what you can get.