The Rain Man Class of 2010: Cooper Union Graduates!


Don’t let NYU, Columbia, The New School, Hunter, City University, Baruch, Hofstra, Pace, or any of the others outshine you, Cooper Union!

Located a stone’s throw from the Village Voice headquarters, the hyper-elite Rain Man School of Kids Who Can _______ Better Than You – ever the object of the projected insecure “genius/full ride envy” of their collegiate peers, especially when Barack Obama’s speaking to them – are graduating today. Hopefully, they will go out into the world and, as productive members of society – hopefully hit the tables in Atlantic City and make their handlers a cool buck. To them, we offer our heartiest “Mazel Tov.” Now that you can get a job, you now have no excuse to bum cigarettes from passers-by anymore, you little full-ride freeloader shits.