Things We Don’t Need at All: High Heels for Men


The perennial fashion question — “Should I wear heels or flats with these pants?” — isn’t just for women anymore, reports the Daily News. Oh yay. (Is that really the perennial fashion question? We always thought it was “Does my butt look fat in these jeans?” But moving on to the horror in question…)

It seems that the “trend” of heeled or platform shoes has been adopted in London’s “fashion-forward goth and glam-rock circles.” A bunch of designers we now deem questionable, in fact, are featuring them in their fashion shows. Because you know what’s in a fashion show is exactly what you you should trot out to the street. Also, Marc Jacobs wears them!

While some men opt for gender-bending stiletto styles or pointy, rock-star-esque heeled boots, more traditional lifts are also maintaining a steady popularity. “Status shoes” with visible heels of 1 1/4 inch and a hidden 1 ½-inch lift inside the shoe have long helped out diminutive dudes like Karl Lagerfeld and French prime minister Nicolas Sarkozy.

And, as if you needed any more fodder for not wearing these beauties, Tom Cruise.

Do men have a right to wear high heels? Of course. Do we have a right to mock them mercilessly for doing so? Sure. But all of this begs the question … Why do men even want to wear high heels? Are we really that heights-ist a society? Do they help you get girls?

Dudes, speak up. Help us learn so as not to pass this travesty down to future generations.