Tomorrow, the Steak Shoppe Opens in the Permanent Brunch & Burger Space


Permanent Brunch & Burger wasn’t quite as permanent as advertised: Tomorrow, it’s being replaced by the Steak Shoppe, a restaurant that ostensibly promises to be a carnivore’s wet dream.

According to the menu posted in the window, all of the steak served at the restaurant will be “all natural, and comes from cattle that either is raised solely on a 100% vegetarian diet or is strictly grass fed.” What’s more, the beef is “vintage natural beef,” meaning it “comes from a consortium of family-owned ranches committed to raising natural beef to a higher level of purity. This beef is humanely raised and contains no added hormones, steroids or antibiotics.”

The beef appears on the menu in a number of guises: as filet mignon, strip, rib eye, and skirt, and also in a sandwich. In addition, there is — of course — a burger, complimentary sauces such as chimichurri, smoked paprika cheddar, and wasabi mustard, and pineapple barbecue. Sides include roasted brussels sprouts with lemon aioli, cheddar cheese corn pudding, and sweet potato hash with bacon and dates. The steaks also come with a choice of three “side-kicks,” such as dill pickles, pickled red bell peppers, and pickled beets.

Whether steak will have greater staying power than brunch remains to be seen, but if the signs are any indication, this places looks like it’s angling to be the East Village’s version of Peter Luger, only with a more zeitgeist-conscious graphic designer.