Where Does Mock Duck Come From?


Walking through Sunset Park, Brooklyn, a sign for Tian Yuan Veg Inc. might catch your eye, promising veg mutton, veg silky fowl, veg baby shrimp. Down the stairs into the subterranean shop, every creature imaginable is available in a soy-based facsimile.

Tian Yuan Veg sells both retail to consumers and wholesale to restaurants, and the entire space is taken up by giant freezers, humming away with their cache of vegetarian abalone, “big ham,” codfish ham, buffalo wings, mouth breeder fish, green scallop, and miso broiled eel. There are animals represented here that you may not have heard of in their real-flesh incarnation.

The vegetarian goose above is made of soybean protein fiber, glucomannan, lactalbumin, starch, sugar, salt, soybean oil, and “natural spice.” (The goose does not seem to be vegan, since lactalbumin is derived from milk.)

As for whether this log of (relatively natural) ingredients tastes like goose … well, it’s relatively tasty — salty, savory — but we missed the crisp, fatty skin that only a goose can manufacture.

6016 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn