Breaking: Manhole Explodes in Dumbo, Funny Headline Inevitable


Ah, Spring, the season where things in New York City just can’t seem to want to stop blowing up (however unsuccessfully), or can’t actually stop blowing up.

Yes, via Brownstoner, it’d appear that a manhole has exploded in DUMBO, but most of Brooklyn is likely too broke to notice. Notes the ‘Stoner:

There’ve been two loud manhole explosions in the last ten minutes in Dumbo at the corner of Washington and Water Streets. There’s billowing black smoke and lots of firemen on the scene.

Here’s a picture:

And – YES! – anytime something explodes or sets fire in New York, in comes Fireblog, who noted this Tweet:

And here’s another picture of a smoking manhole in DUMBO, via Dealnews editor Louis Ramierez:

He noted:

Pitch black smoke coming from underground? Time to run the other way.

Which is how you know he’s not a tourist! Also, has anybody ruled out the possibility that this is all just an elaborate Icing? More as we get it. And of course, as we must do with every manhole explosion in New York: