Creepy Uncle New York James Murphy’s LCD Soundsystem Is #10 In the Country


So can we just put that whole “LCD Soundsystem are merely a regional phenomenon speaking to solely to jaded New Yorkers and people who are worried about turning 40” thing to bed now? This Is Happening is one of the top ten most popular records in the entire United States this week (#10, 31,000 copies sold), the band played in front of approximately 12,000 people over four nights at Terminal 5 over the weekend, and they did it with a record that leaked months ago. People care about LCD Soundsystem. (Us especially.) And increasingly, it seems, the record buying public cares about indie-rock in general, or at least what’s left of it–after big bows by the National and Sleigh Bells last week, the Black Keys’s Brothers debuted at #3 (a whopping 73,000 records sold), and Band of Horses snatched #7 (45,000). There may not be much of industry left, but increasingly, whatever remains belongs to us. [Billboard]