In Celebration of 100 Years of Strap Marks, Doctor Introduces “Human Bra”…Plus, Scenes from a Bra’s Life (a Photo Gallery)


If we live to be 100, we hope that our friends and remaining family members who don’t hate us entirely will bring us a nice melty ice cream cake (not too frozen, for the sake of our dentures) and some jolly tales of the good old days, when we used to be pretty and fun and able to eat solid foods. But the modern bra, which will be celebrated for its 100 years of existence at an FIT event on Friday, expects and deserves far more than that.

At said event, Park Avenue plastic surgeon Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh will introduce “the Big Apple’s first human bra,” which uses a woman’s own skin to form a natural internal bra inside her chest.

Along with sounding like the plot of a B-horror movie, doesn’t that sort of hurt the actual birthday bra’s feelings?

Attendees will include bra historian Jené Luciani, a bunch of models clad in periodic brassieres, and, of course, ladies who have had the natural-bra thing done to them, presumably against their will. Check back for photos. For now, enjoy a photo gallery of our friend the bra’s life over the years…

Happy birthday, bra. We wouldn’t know what to do without you.