Michael Arrington’s Asshole Moment of the Week Number Two: Sad Water is Gross


TechCrunch Disrupt – which is like a G8 conference for people who get evangelical over things like iPhone apps, except the protesters are inside with everyone else – is in New York right now. The person responsible for importing San Fransisco’s tech scene to this city for three long, long days, TechCrunch CEO Michael Arrington, who basically invented gadget punditry, has now had his second Asshole Moment of the week.

Charity: Water is a brilliant, beautiful project dreamed up by a former New York City nightlife promoter named Scott Harrison; it uses digital technology and social media to help raise funds and bring awareness to third-world nations without ready access to potable water. It’s a non-profit that’s existed since 2006, and if their Wikipedia page is to be believed, they’ve helped to back 2,321 projects in 16 countries to the tune of $10M. Of all the things the internet and internet culture has produced, this is obviously on the far end of the spectrum towards “good for the world” (as opposed to, say, Bros Icing Bros).

Apparently, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was describing Charity: Water to Arrington on a panel, and that was his response. Previously, Arrington provoked foul-mouthed Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz into telling him to “fuckoff.” Today is the last day of TechCrunch Disrupt.