Morning Links: Summer Is Here; Obama to Deploy Troops to the Mexican Border; BP Deciding on “Top Kill”


• If you thought yesterday was hot, well, meet today. It’ll be in the high 80s by early afternoon. What to do to keep cool? Read about Coney Island in our latest issue.

President Obama is deploying 1,200 National Guard troops to the border between the U.S. and Mexico “to assist with the battle against drug smugglers, working primarily on intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance until more Border Patrol agents can be hired and trained.” He’ll also ask for an extra $500 million to secure the Mexican border.

• Lori Berenson, the 40-year-old New York activist who spent 15 years in Peruvian prisons for aiding leftist rebels, has been paroled.

BP will decide today whether or not to attempt the risky, totally-not-guaranteed-to-work “top kill.” President Obama is expected to call for tougher safety requirements and a more rigorous inspections regimen for offshore drilling operations on Thursday.

• The Whitney Museum is planning a Meatpacking outpost — and perhaps a permanent move downtown.

Elena Kagan wanted to be president of Harvard, actually.