Mysterious New Subway Hero Continues Grand Tradition of Subway Hero Anonymity


The New York Times has a story that actually makes us a little weepy for a change (sometimes we’re emotional that way), because somebody actually did something good in the midst of all the spitting on bus drivers and killing the world through corporate greed and forcing one another to drink terrible things.

A woman the Daily News identifies as Jessica Oshita, 26, was waiting for the 8th Avenue-bound L train at Union Square on Monday night when she fainted onto the tracks. (Step away from the tracks, people! Seriously.)

Witnesses tell the police that an “unidentified black man” then jumped onto the track bed to try to lift the unconscious woman to the platform, but seeing the lights of the oncoming train, quickly positioned her body in the trench between the tracks and got himself out just in time.

He then disappeared. Five subway cars rolled over Oshita. She suffered facial lacerations requiring stitches but is now in stable condition at Bellevue, according to police.

If you happen to know this guy, give him a hug or something. We’re sure, in time, like all the other subway heroes who’ve attempted to keep their good deeds to themselves, he’ll be revealed and given a key to the city, a photo op with Bloomberg, and/or a Starbucks gift card or something.