New York’s Most Over-the-Top Fatty Foods; America’s Craving for Bigger Flavors


The Double Down sandwich from KFC isn’t the most gluttonous thing you can eat in New York City. Other over-the-top calorie fests include Ditch Plains‘ Ditch Dogs (a pair of hot dogs on potato buns topped with mac ‘n’ cheese) and Mile End‘s Smoked Meat Poutine.
[NY Post]

Americans want spicier, mintier, fruitier, and more intense flavors in their foods — and restaurants and snack-food companies are obliging.
[Wall Street Journal]

The forthcoming Lincoln Center restaurant can’t move ahead with signage, menus, cocktail napkins, business cards, and other branded materials until a name is chosen.
[NY Times]

House-made pretzels (and pretzel rolls) are having their day. Find them at Per Se, Commerce, and the Redhead — and in hot dog form at the Rusty Knot.
[NY Times]

Laws requiring restaurant chains to list calorie counts have not stopped them from offering fatty meal options, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

A waitress at a Hooters restaurant in Michigan is suing the chain for discrimination after management put her on “weight probation” until she could fit into her uniform.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Nearly all of the herbal dietary supplements tested in a congressional investigation contained trace amounts of lead and other contaminants.
[NY Times]

Faisal Shahzad, the Times Square bombing suspect, has requested halal meals in prison, which in federal detention means he will be eating kosher.
[AOL News]