Science: Creative People are Basically Schizo


Everyone has them: the people in their lives they describe as “creative.” Some people might describe themselves as “creative.” Often, however, “creative” is kind euphemism for “batshit insane.” And if they actually are creative? Well, according to science, “batshit crazy” is actually the case.

Two professors at the Karolinska Institutet’s Department of Women’s and Children’s Health recently published a study noting that people who are “healthy [and] highly creative” have dopamine systems that resembles those of schizophrenics. Also, creative people are more at risk for becoming bipolar or schizophrenic than everyone else, and on the inverse, people with crazy genetics are more likely to be creative. Via Science Daily, enjoy being “creative,” creators. We’ve been saying this about you all along, anyway:

“We have studied the brain and the dopamine D2 receptors, and have shown that the dopamine system of healthy, highly creative people is similar to that found in people with schizophrenia,” says associate professor Fredrik Ullén from Karolinska Institutet’s Department of Women’s and Children’s Health, co-author of the study that appears in the journal PLoS ONE.

So, yeah, next time you think about calling someone “creative” but think their painting is for shit, don’t be afraid to just resign them to the “cockeyed loon” column of how you personally categorize and judge people. It’ll save everyone some linguistic hassle.