This Week in the Voice: The 2010 Summer Guide


As you emerge from the schvitzy oven that is New York’s subway system today, indulge in that new heat and sunshine with the help of the Voice‘s special pull-out 2010 Summer Guide. Keep yourself busy above ground during the three-month sweat-stained shitshow that is a summer in New York City, from outdoor cafés to the coolest (read: air-conditioned) theater, books, art, dance, film, food, music and tripping (tripping!) under our skyscraper-obstructed sun.

However, you might want to think twice before going out to Coney Island and expecting the fun of summers past. This week’s Voice cover story finds Kevin Baker memorializing the past and lamenting the demise of Coney Island with a “Requiem for a Dreamland.

But if the heat’s already too much to bear, though, head inside: $14 will kill two hours, and you get to do it in AC. Legendary Voice Film critic J. Hoberman finishes his assessment of the Cannes Film Festival this week, praising Edgar Ramirez’s Carlos. On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re looking to kill time and brain cells, Ella Taylor thinks Sex and the City 2 can go fuck itself (or at the very least, another city). Speaking of unions, Eric Hynes takes note of the Disney-Bruckheimer marriage. Graham Fuller does a double-take on Double Take, and Jean-Luc Godard’s Breathless has returned to New York to wind our city’s film fanatics once again.

If chilling with live thespians is more your style, Michael Feingold reviews some good Theater. Billy Crudup’s off-Broadway turn in Adam Rapp’s The Metal Children and Claudia Shear’s drama Restoration both make the cut. Alexis Soloski gives The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Diety, a play about wrestling, a critical champion’s belt. She also finds happiness in Elizabeth Merriwether’s Zoloft-friendly Oliver Parker!.

For quieter climates, New York’s always got a gallery or two worth hitting. In Art, Robert Shuster shares the “Best in Show” at the Swiss Institute, Robert Mann Gallery, and Matthew Marks for your rooftop cocktail party art-schooling.

Speaking of the outdoors, about those sidewalk cafes: this week in Food, if you find yourself tiring of typical NYC cuisine, our resident culinary Magellan, the ever-traveled Robert Sietsema reports on Boerum Hill’s new taste of Quebec, Mile End, and Sarah DiGregorio visits Queens for chow at Bromo Satay House.

But if your looking for something close to New York’s gleaming (with toxins and waste) waters, Andy Beta approves of the Sunday Best dance party along the Gowanus Canal. Also in Music, don’t miss neo-funk star Jamie Lidell in Williamsburg on June 10th. And Francis Davis riffs on Stan Getz’s epic seven-disc People Time in his weekly jazz column.

All that, plus more Music, Art, Theater, Film, Books, Dance, Restaurants, Michael Musto, Free Will Astrology, and Dan Savage. And then some.

Summertime’s hot enough for New Yorkers; here at The Village Voice, we try to make the livin’ easy, or as easy as it gets. Help us, help you.